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Dec 10, 2012 8:00pm EST
micropurchasing and one of the hit shows is downton abbey. if people want to purchase that on amazon or netflix, they can, and they can watch the series and they don't have to have subscription tv. you can do that with home lean or another series. how is this ability to micropurchase going to affect the cable industry in the next five or ten years? >> i'm not entirely sure but i'll tell you some things. when this first started, when itunes struck a deal with is in any and others and people predicted the end of television or people predicted tivo and up anding commercials -- i think we have seen the appetite for television more dramatically stimulated, not retarded. it's actually the opposite. i think it's because, if i'm able -- somebody comes to me today and says, have you ever seen breaking bad? my answer would be, no. oh, you really should see this show. i should? yeah, it's great. and by the way, what i'm really saying to you, you're my friend and i want to talk to you about it. what i can do now is go home and put itunes -- i don't know if that show is there, so forgive me the specifics -
Dec 23, 2012 3:30pm EST
. and this is a difference from a kind of, you know, downton abbey set up. and this speaks to the economic drivers of the phenomenon. these are really hard working people. and one of the interesting things when you look at the data about hours worked is for the first time people have counted this kind of thing, you have less leisure at the very top than the middle. so these are people who are really hard working, tend to at least think of themselves as self-made, and i'm going to use that as a rather generous and roomny concept. so you could have an affluent dad like bill gates does, like mitt romney does, but still think of yourself as self-made because you didn't inherit the business that made you a multimillionaire from your dad. and that's particularly important playing into how they think of themselves in the world. it's important right now for these guys to be really numerate. one of the things i found really interesting and quite sort of international is this is really the age of mastery of numbers. and my favorite example of this, you know, we're kind of -- that seems to make sense when yo
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2